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September 9, 2010.

Play Popular Elimination Blackjack Tournaments At English Harbour Casinos.

weekly blackjack tournaments EH

Playing in online blackjack tournaments is growing in popularity. These tournaments provide players with many benefits for their playing dollar, while providing experienced players with an opportunity to significantly increase their playing bankroll. Online Casino Blackjack tournaments come in different forms, and some of them require that you know a little strategy to increase your chances. The way the tournament is structured can have an influence on your decisions as you play, so knowing what moves to make in a specific tournament can increase your chances of winning.

Players will find scheduled blackjack tournaments with fixed, guaranteed prize pool, pot-limit tournaments where the payout depends on the number of participants, and freeroll tourneys where you pay nothing to compete for a real cash prizes. In order to play in a tournament, you pay a small fee ($5-$10) and play certain blackjack game for a limited amount of time or during a specific period (day, week, or month) with the goal to get the highest possible score on the tournament leader board. At the end of the tournament period the winners are paid according to the payout table.

One type of blackjack tournament where one should consider some elements other than just hand play is elimination tournaments. These exciting events have periodically occurring hands that, once they are played out, the player with the smallest amount of chips left will be eliminated from the tournament. These hands usually come in intervals, and the hands are almost evenly spaced (hands 8, 16, and 25 out of a total 30 is a common example). When these special "eliminating" hands occur you know that you have to make sure you're not the player with the most chips left, and you may have to make a bold move or shy away from play, depending on your accumulated chip stack.

In addition to the pressure of playing the elimination hand, it's common for the time limit allowed to the player to be shortened from the usual time limit. The shorter widow to decide what to do is another way to put the pressure on the online blackjack player and force the action of the tournament. Members who have memorized their basic blackjack charts, and can remember the best move to make when the clock is ticking, will hold an advantage over their opponents who can't perform under that kind of pressure.

So if you're the type of player who likes to relax and enjoy your blackjack game without ever experiencing pressure, you might want to stick to the regular blackjack variations, freerolls, or guaranteed tournaments. But if you like to test your ability to play basic strategy against a clock and battle with other online players who are doing the same, these elimination tournaments can be much more fun and rewarding than the regular blackjack action to which you've grown accustomed.

Most popular online casinos regularly hold different type blackjack tournaments. We would recommend English Harbour group of casinos English Harbour, Caribbean Gold and more) as they offer monthly and weekly tourneys with high guaranteed prize pools. In April you can play $5,000 Weekend Blackjack Classic tournament - play US Blackjack Fri-Sun, fee is $10. There also Pot-Limit Head2Head tournament on Mon-Thu with $5 fee and $100 Blackjack Freeroll on Mon/Tues/Wed. We would also recommend Absolute Poker for the action-packed Elimination tournaments. This poker room offers unique fetures like Secret Bet or 'Royal Match' side bet to accelerate the action.

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