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Blackjack Articles And News: Future Blackjack, Online Games, English Harbour

October 29, 2009.

The Future Of Online Blackjack - New Types Of Games.

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The game of blackjack is one of the most popular forms of gaming today. Both live and online, blackjack is a significant contributor to every casino and is usually the biggest take from all of the table games at a casino. Blackjack has evolved in many ways over the years, and today you can find numerous variants to play.

At one time it was a game that was played with just one deck, but card counters forced casinos to find ways to counteract the players who were able to create an edge for themselves. More decks were added into play to make the counting more difficult for the advantage players, and some casinos have swayed the odds in their favour even more than the usual house edge gives them by changing the rules. But no advancement has changed the game of blackjack more than the invention of the internet, and upcoming games will be even more automated than we see today.

Online casinos have an advantage over land based casinos when it comes to the game of blackjack because card counters cannot create an edge over the house online. Card counting is achieved by figuring out which cards are left in the deck, or shoe, based on watching the cards that have been in play since the deck was last dealt. But online the shoe is dealt again after every hand. This wouldn't be practical to do in a real life casino because it would hold up the flow of the game, but in online blackjack games the deck can be shuffled in an instant after each hand.

Real casinos are very interested in eliminating card counters from winning casino money. Blackjack games of the nearest future will surely have this ability to deal the deck more often. Games will become more electronic and blackjack dealers will eventually be fazed out of the picture. Advantage players (MIT team) will no longer be able to win big from the house like so many have done, and continue to do today.

There are already games that have virtual or live dealers on a screen in front of you when you play. All bets and decisions are communicated on the touch screen table where the players will be seated. It may take a little while for customers to accept these games, but you can bet that these games will be much more popular in casinos within the next 5-10 years. This should make things better for the regular blackjack player, who will likely enjoy these automated games more because the house edge can be lowered and the games are more cost efficient.

Source: English Harbour Online Casino

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