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Blackjack Articles And News: Blackjack Challenge, Ryan, InterCasino

December 5, 2005.

Blackjack Challenge? Play At InterCasino To Win Free Cash In Where's Ryan Promo This November.

ryanHow are your Blackjack skills? Why not test them on the weekends in the Where's Ryan challenge. All you need to do is come find him at the tables and you could receive $100 if you beat him plus $200 if you get a natural Blackjack. Plus, if you come and say 'HI' he will give you 50 bucks on the spot.

Yes! Throughout December, the famous Intercasino manager, Ryan Hartley, will visit the Multi-Player tables to give away $50 or a spot prize to the players he meets and says 'Hi' to.

If you meet him at any of our Blackjack tables, you will then get the chance to double your prize by challenging him to a game of Blackjack! He will challenge you to one hand of Blackjack. If your hand beats his hand you'll get $100. If you get dealt a natural Blackjack, you'll win double reward - $200 free.

To claim your prize all you need to do is email him at and state the claim code he gave you at the table, your user name and account number.

Do you know that InterCasino offers several versions of blackjack including 8 deck and Single Deck Blackjack games with ones of the lowest house edges available online. See rules and best strategies of these versions here.

Source: InterCasino

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