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September 12, 2010.

The Oscar's Grind Progressive Blackjack Betting System And Strategy Review.

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Progressive betting systems have been around for hundreds of years, since gambling starting. Since casino gambling began in France, that's where most types of betting systems took root. In fact, the best-known systems have French names such as D'Alembert, and LaBouchere. Another well-known system is the Martingale, but some players also know Oscar's Grind - a betting system with a cool name and a modest goal. Of all the progressive betting systems, Oscar's Grind may be the safest.

Roulette Systems
The roulette was the most popular game in French casinos, so most betting systems were developed for roulette tables. Novertheless, the basic idea of the systems can be used on every other game in gambling, especially in a combination with "strategy". Strategy can influence your odds and is beneficial on the long run. As for the systems, with today's betting range of 1c to $1000 per spin, you can implement Oscar or even Martingale on online slots.

Oscar Was a Successful Craps Player
Oscar's Grind was created by a Craps player known for us only as Oscar, but it's equally applicable to real-money blackjack gambling. Oscar's Grind betting system is most advantageous if you're on a streak - hot or cold. The system keeps your bets rather low if you're on a losing streak and increases your bets if you're on a winning streak. Oscar's Grind can actually work under these circumstances, though it's impossible to predict a type of streak and therefore unwise to rely on Oscar's Grind in the long run.

In order to win at blackjack tables fairly consistently it surely helps to know the blackjack strategy for your game variation (or at least basic strategy) and to stick with it. You may not win huge amounts of money, but the strategy will probably keep you at the table for a long time, which is a goal for a lot of people who play blackjack or other games. Playing blackjack is fun and the longer you stay at the table, soaking in the atmosphere and feeling the adrenaline flow, the longer you're entertained by the great card game.

How to Benefit from Oscar's Grind?
Oscar's Grind is one of the leading betting systems that has the most interesting name and probably the most complex rules to follow. How does Oscar's Grind work? This system is based on wins and losses, which "rewards" wins; in other words, the Grind is considered a positive betting system. But it's a little more complicated than the average system (like Martingale) whereby you double your bet after a win and go back to your original bet size after a loss. Oscar's Grind is based on sequences or entire series of wins and losses.

You start off by betting a minimum bet, say $5, that is called "one unit." The goal of the system is to end up with a profit of one unit, thus ending a sequence (bet series). If you win your first hand/spin you stay at that one-unit bet of $5. In this case the sequence ends with an initial win and you start from the beginning. If you lose, you stick to the one-unit bet ($5). If you win after that, you double your bet. As long as you win, you keep increasing the size of your bet each hand/spin until you recoup all your losses and end up ahead by at least one unit of $5 and the betting sequence is over.

Oscar's Grind may be a bit hard to understand but it's one of the most conservative betting systems with a goal of small wins over a short period of time. There is a little chance of big losses, or big wins too. Note that like most betting systems, it won't leave you in the money in the long run. And like all blackjack systems, you should have a budget and a sober limit when you use Oscar's Grind on real money tables.

Know Your Limit
New types of blackjack betting systems have been developed in recent years, some even so "top secret" that the user has to pay to find out more information. There are websites (you may find on google) claiming sure-proof long term winning systems for roulette and blackjack. In fact, they are all variations on the classic systems (Martingale, D'Alembert, Oscar's Grind, etc.). They are all either negative or positive (or a combination thereof) and, as in most systems, they recommend the player to stop betting after he/she reaches a pre-determined win or loss limit. Remember: no system can give you the edge on the long run because, in short, "the roulette wheel has no memory" (cards has no memory) and every spin is (at least supposed to be) random. So, use your system(s) on the short run and set your limits. We thank the Wild Jack online casino for the review.

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