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Blackjack Articles And News: Blackjack Tournament, PartyCasino, Tournament

July 29, 2007.

PartyCasino Launched Single Table Blackjack Tournaments.

bj party tournamentsParty Casino has launched its new single-table blackjack tournaments. BJ players can now test their blackjack tournament skills against other players from around the world. Play for free or for real money at a variety of buy-in levels.

A tournament is a contest in which all players start with the same amount of chips. The winner of the tourney is either the only player left standing or the one with the largest stack of chips at the end of the game. Blackjack tournaments are available 24/7 and start as soon as enough players have registered. As there is not a guaranteed prize pool, the more players, the higher the prize pool, so get playing your favorite game to win more.

Single Table Blackjack tournaments
A blackjack tournament at PartyCasino is a multi-player game. Each player starts with an equal amount of chips, and play continues until either one player remains or the game play across all levels is completed. The winner is either the only player with any chips left or the player with the largest chip balance at the end of the tourney. Each tournament has a buy-in as well as a small fee. The size of the prize pool depends on the number of people playing in the tournament and will be paid out to the winners in its entirety. A fee will be retained by PartyCasino. Each player's goal in a tournament is to amass as many chips as possible. Players who lose all their chips are out of the tournament.

Sit & Go BJ tournaments currently offers Sit 'n Go tournaments only. These tournaments are available 24/7. They start as soon as the required minimum number of players are seated at the tournament table. Players choose their seats on a first-come-first-serve basis. No re-buys are allowed once the tournament has started. Each tournament comprises a few levels. A certain number of hands must be played in each level. The levels and the number of hands to be played at each level may vary depending on the tournament.

When a player is disconnected or doesn't act in time, he is considered to be away from the game. Players can select to be away from the action by clicking on the ‘AWAY’ checkbox in the software. The minimum bet amount is placed on a player’s behalf when he is away. The player will also be considered to have stood on his first two cards. Players who are away from the table may not take the insurance option. The player can click the ‘I AM BACK’ button when he returns to the table. He/She can then start playing with the normal game options.

Please note that there are three additional auto bet options available for players in Sit & Go tournaments:

Bet minimum: This option will bet the minimum amount required to play the round.
Bet maximum: This option will bet the maximum amount allowed. If the available balance is less than the max amount allowed, entire balance is placed as a wager.
Repeat last bet: This option will bet the amount of the previous bet. If the available balance is less than the previous bet, the entire balance is placed as a wager. If the min bet amount is greater than the last bet, the min bet amount is placed as a wager.

Players can find the following blackjack games at PartyCasino: Multi and single player multi hand Blackjack, High Limit, Single Deck Blackjack, and Bonus Pairs.

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