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September 27, 2010.

The D'Alembert Progressive Blackjack Betting System Review.

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In blackjack and particularly progressive blackjack, a betting system is a strategy in which player decides how much to bet depending on whether he/she has just won or just lost the previous blackjack hand.

The most blackjack betting systems can usually be categorized as "positive" or "negative." The positive systems are the ones in which the player raises his bet after a winning hand, and the negative systems are the ones in which the player raises his bet after losing.

In the world of negative progressive betting systems, the "Martingale" is considered to be the Big Daddy of them all. The D'Alembert betting system is a simple system, which is based on the tenets of the Martingale with a few minor changes. When you use the D'Alembert strategy for playing blackjack, you will raise your bet one unit after each losing hand and you will lower your bet amount by one unit after you win a hand.

The D'Alembert betting system is named after Jean le Rond D'Alembert, an 18th-century French mathematician, physicist, and philosopher. One of D'Alembert's theories was based on the Law of Equilibrium, which claims a long-term balance of successes and failures over the course of a series of events. Therefore, according to this great theory, you have a higher probability of a win after losing, and a higher probability of a loss after winning.

But the key word here is long-term. In online casino gambling, there is no longevity: all wins and losses cover a much shorter span of time. D'Alembert's theory does not really apply to the gambling tables also because, in fact, every hand is random or, in other words, "deck has no memory". But that's all for the long run.

In the short run, D'Alembert strategy has become a very popular betting system, also known as the "Pyramid System." It's used most often and famously in baccarat and roulette, but it is also widely used as a blackjack progressive betting system. There is also a Contra-D'Alembert system, which is the positive version of the classic D'Alembert.

The D'Alembert in Blackjack
The D'Alembert betting system in blackjack requires players to raise their bets by one unit after each loss, while lowering their bets by the same one unit after each win. As mentioned above, the D'Alembert gambling system was originally designed for the roulette table and simple "red"/"black" bets, since it's a risky betting system and roulette is a game of chance. As with any progressive betting system, one must proceed with caution when using the D'Alembert. Nevertheless, it's considered a lot less dangerous than the Martingale system, where you double your bets instead of always raising them by one unit. The best aspect of the D'Alembert system is that it's easy to follow and understand, and bet size limits do not have such serious impact as you may face using Martingale system in real casinos.

As an example of how the D'Alembert system does work, let's say you're at the blackjack table and there's a $2 minimum, which is considered one "unit". You start off by betting $2. If you lose, your second bet would be $4 or 2 units. If you win, your next bet would be $2 (back to the original 1-unit bet) but if you lose your next bet would be $6. If you win after that, you then bet $4. You only go down one "unit," not to the original bet. All wins or losses are rewarded or punished by a one-unit decrease or increase, respectively.

In conclusion we would say that no systems will give you the edge over the house on the long run, but with a certain system you can reach your tactic goals in the current session. We will review other popular systems soon: The Parlay, Oscar's Grind and the Paroli.

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