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October 24, 2008.

New European Blackjack Single Player Table Game At InterCasino.

european blackjack cryptologic

Cryptologic's Blackjack game has had a revamp and in doing so has gained some very exciting improvements. You can now play 1 to 5 hands at a time, play within a fully resizable window, dabble with the new auto-bet and re-bet features, auto-keep the optimal or custom strategy... and these are to name just a few of the improvements! The all new single player Blackjack table game is ready to play now at InterCasino.

European Blackjack enjoys worldwide popularity (click for review and optimal strategy card). In this version of online casino blackjack, the dealer does not receive a second card (also called hole card) until after all the player hands have been completed. Liberal split and double down rules are included to ensure an exciting online gaming experience.

Rules for the game and game features make the game easier and more enjoyable to play.

  • Play 1 up to 5 hands at a time.
  • 6 decks of standard cards are used.
  • The dealer does not receive a hole card on the initial phase of the game. The dealer's 2nd card is delivered when all player hands are dealt.
  • The dealer stands on soft 17 or higher.
  • A winning player 'blackjack' (an Ace and 10-value card on the initial deal) pays 3:2
  • All other winning hands pay 1:1
  • Winning insurance bets pay 2:1. Insurance is limited to 1/2 of the wager per hand.
  • The player may double down on any first 2 cards.
  • The player may double down following a split.
  • The player may split 3 times for a total of four hands.
  • Like-value cards that are not identical may not be split. Example: K and Q cannot be split; Q and Q can be split.
  • Surrender is not available.
  • Split Aces receive only one card on each Ace. You can not re-split Aces.
  • An ace and a 10-value card following a split does not constitute player's blackjack.
  • You may not hit on a soft total of 21.
  • The playing cards are shuffled following the completion of each game round.
All face cards are valued at 10 and the cards from 2-10 are valued as indicated. Aces can be valued at either 1 or 11; if counting the Ace as eleven would put the hand over twenty-one, the Ace is automatically counted as one instead. The value of a hand is the sum of the values of the individual cards. For example, a hand containing a Queen, 2, and 4 has a value of 16. The object of the game is to beat the score of the dealer without exceeding a total of 21.

Once the cards have been dealt, the Dealer will want to know whether you wish to hit, stand, double down, or split your hand. If you are playing more than one hand, the first hand to be acted on is the one farthest to the right of the game screen. Many exciting and helpful features have been added to blackjack to enhance your gameplay.

To protect player's interests, the Dealer will ask for confirmation if the hand action you select may have been a mouse-click error. These are the situations where the Dealer will 'double-check' with the players: Hit on hard 17 or higher, Stand on 11 or lower, and Double down on hard 12 or higher.

Autostrategy and Auto-Betting
European Blackjack contains an autostrategy feature, you can also see the optimal strategy table on the second screen in this game. Selecting autostrategy from the interface allows a player to instruct the game to play a selected number of rounds/hands automatically based on the optimum strategy. You may also customize and save any of your hit/stand/double/split decisions on the table to match your own playing style on the subseqent rounds.

Download and play the new European blackjack game at InterCasino or CS Casino. Both Cryptologic online casinos offer monthly deposit bonuses up to $100 free. InterCasino offers a great welcome bonus up to $225 free on your first deposit.

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